05/18/2018 Super easy Home Office Remodel

Super easy Home Office Remodel

For the longest time my office has been, like Megan Markel’s family, a royal disaster. Stacks of papers surrounded by boxes of stuff. Well, that disaster is coming to an end. When we moved into the house a few years ago, I knew I wanted to remodel the office, but couldn’t come up with a plan. Add a few kids in the mix, and I’m surprised it didn’t take longer for me to come up with a plan.

The biggest challenge for this project is the previous owners painted with a paint with some sort of grit or sand or something mixed into it. Therefore, as you would guess, I have to sand down every wall to get it relatively. That is where I started.

The Prep

Coming up with a plan on any room remodel is very important. If you attack it willy nilly you usually end up spending more time and money. With this remodel, I wanted to not spend a bunch of money but use what I had around the house and the shop. So far I think we’ve spent about $40 and that was for some brackets for the shelves (more on that below) and a painters kit for painting the walls.

Before I could do any of that I had to relocate some stuff in the office for protection. Its amazing the things you forget about when you clean up a space. I found pictures and files from college and more.It was quite a trip down memory lane. Once I cleaned up the area of the trash, moved some furniture around I was ready to fill in a bunch of holes from the previous shelves I had on the wall and from pictures.

The Wall

The holes from the previous shelves (a floating shelf from Ikea) were huge and it took about 12 hours for the spackle to dry. Having to wait over night was a bit frustrating, but it allowed me to work on finishing the solid hickory shelves that were going to be put up on the wall.

Once the holes were dry (the next morning) it was time to grab my 3M Dust Mask and pole sander. I thought about using a spray bottle with some water to not have so much dust, but I figured it was such a small space I’d end up with more of a mess. I sanded down the entire wall, as best as I could. I wasn’t going to go super crazy and make sure that it was super smooth, just hit the high spots.

Ithen went out to the shop where I keep my paint and rummaged through what was available and I found almost a full can of Valspar paint. The color was a light gray so it was definitely going to brighten up the room big time. Since the entire office was this dark blue texture everywhere, the gray was going to brighten it up big time. Once the wall was prepped and ready to go, it was time to break out the paint and paint this wall.

I was able to get 2 coats of paint on the wall in one afternoon which helped big time cover up that blue color. I then edged with a 2″ angled brush around the wall and waited another day to allow everything to fully dry.

There is a bay window area in the office, which allows a lot of natural light to come in, so the next day, I sanded and painted this area. When this was done, I started working on the first wall and the shelves.

The Shelves

My buddy Josh owns a saw mill and last time I was there I was able to snag two 9 foot pieces of hickory (as seen to the left). These pieces have some amazing grain patterns and are a bit lighter in color and perfect for the office.

Since, Josh was kind enough to have these already sanded down and flattened, it made my life super easy to work with them. The first thing I did was cut the boards to rough length. I then jointed an edge with my Ridgid Jointer to get a straight edge. I then set up my table saw to 7 1/2 inches on the high side and cut them to thickness. I grabbed the Ikea brackets to make sure they would fit. Sanding took a bit of time because the hickory is so tough it was eating through sand paper. I also grabbed my trim router with a chamfer bit and but a edge in both the top and the bottom of the hickory to give it a nice profile. Lastly, I added some Polycrilic from Minwax which will help protect the shelves from water damage.

Next, I grabbed my stud finder and started looking for studs on the wall. Marking where the brackets would go, I started on the right and added one bracket. Once I had one screw in, I grabbed my level and held up the other bracket on my mark, and marked where the hole would go.

Grabbing the middle bracket assembly, I installed the bracket with one screw, so I could get the hickory shelves in. I repeated this one more time for this set and then did it again for the second set of shelves. I absolutely love the brackets because it make it seem like the wood is one long piece.

After getting both shelves up on the wall, it was time to add the stuff back to it. As you can see in the above picture they turned out great. For little money and a little time you can change a space, brighten it up and more.



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