12/08/2017 Garage Storage Can be A Bear

Garage Storage Can be A Bear

When we moved into our current house, we noticed a huge thing was missing: Storage. We had a small 8 foot by 3 foot closet and that was about it. But having two adults, two kids, (on on the way now) we have accumulated a lot of stuff. Most of the stuff we have is baby stuff. Since we are in the midst of having another child we can’t get rid of stuff yet. Things like baby swings, cribs, baby boy clothes and high chairs, just sit in tubs in closets.

The first project I did in my new garage was to build a shelving unit out of 2×4’s and plywood. Luckily I have the skills and tools to do it. It was thrown together really, but it worked well. Two years ago though, I wasn’t into making beer so I didn’t have nearly the amount of beer equipment as I do now. Freezers, Fridges, Fermentation chambers and more take up a lot of space in my garage; on top of the already piled up family tubs.

It almost looked like the storage shelves grew limbs and stuff was everywhere. It really wasn’t a pleasant site to see.

What I did?

After viewing different ideas on Pinterest (search garage storage), I came up with a plan. Owen and I scurried to Lowe’s  one more and got about $120 worth of materials. We got 30 2×4’s and a 5 pound box of decking screws (2 1/2″).

The first thing I did was to remove all the old shelves, cabinets, swept the floor and got it cleaned up. Next I added the braces by screwing them into the existing studs in the wall (as you can see in the left picture). I then started building the frames to the shelves (as you can see in the right picture below).

It really was quite simple and I had this up within a few hours. Taking the other shelving unit down was more time consuming then building this mainly because I was reusing some of the 2×4’s and the plywood. The lumber from the old shelving unit I cut down and used for the over the garage storage unit that you can barely see.

All in all we spent a little bit of money and some sweat you can make a garage storage unit like this. I have a place for my beer equipment, Christmas lights, and more. In the above picture where the beer kettles are was a set of cabinets. I wasn’t getting rid of those so I relocated them to where the old shelving unit was.

Constantly Adding and Removing

Here you can see the cabinets location as well as the bikes that are now hung up. Using the extra 2×4’s from the old shelving unit I also made a clamp stand for all my many clamps. It was a fun build and things are constantly being added and taken away from the garage to maximize the space and functionality. At some point I’m going to add a sink in the garage so I can have water close by for brewing. One thing you don’t see in the picture above is an electrical outlet

I wanted to make sure that I added another electrical outlet (because you can’t ever have enough electrical outlets in the garage). The existing box (the grey one) had a short in it and every time I’d plug something in I’d get shocked. Therefore, I changed that one and piggy backed off and added another one. Another small project in the future is to add another box closer to the front near my miter box so I don’t have to worry about changing the extension cord every time I need it for my table saw.

All in all it was a fun project and a much needed one. I got the kids involved with carrying lumber and having them screw in boards on the shelving unit. Fun times.

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