05/08/2018 Easy clamp storage using single 2×4

Easy clamp storage using single 2×4

Are you a woodworkers that struggles with storage for your clamps like I do? If you said, “Yes,” then I’ve got a simple way to help you out, and I only used one full length 2×4 and some scrap 2×4’s I had laying around.

Let me show you…

I first started with measuring where I wanted the 2×4 to go. For me, the length I needed was 32″ long. Therefore, I cut the 2×4 at 32″ long.

Then I cut 4″ blocks out of the 2×4, which left me with 7 total. I used a scrap block that was 3″ for one of the end pieces. After aligning them to where I wanted them to fit, I checked to make sure that the Pony Clamps would fit.

Make sure to check your spacing because if its too big the clamps won’t stay in there.

Next I pre-drilled holes on THE BACKSIDE of the 2×4 to accept the screw. I didn’t want the screws to be seen so this is a perfect way to manage that.

I hurt my hand the day before so I really only had one good hand to use for this project, so I went ahead and started the screws in the holes to make my life a bit easier.

A fun little way to make sure that the blocks don’t move is to use my 12″ Bessey Clamps┬áto clamp the whole thing down to my table top (as seen above). This made it way easier to only use one hand to screw in the screws. As you can see I’ve got enough space for now for almost half my clamps.

Once I had all the blocks screwed in, I took the entire piece over to the wall, found the studs and marked them on the top of the piece where I was going to screw it into the wall. I went back to the shop table and predrilled some holes where they would be on the wall.

Now that it was on the wall securely, I added all the Bar Clamps and C clamps. I ended up making another one similar for underneath to add my Irwin Quickie Clamps and some tools. This was a simple project that anyone can do.

Materials needed:

2″ screws

Miter box or saw for cutting 2×4

2×4 ($3-4 at Lowes)

What do you use for clamp storage? Post your pictures on Instagram and tag #diydads for feature.

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