06/09/2017 DIY Deck Poles

DIY Deck Poles

Every year my family hosts two huge neighborhood parties at our house; 4th of July and Halloween. Since Halloween is a bit aways still, that means its the big 4th of July Party. Every 4th of July we spend time getting to know our neighbors, grill our hamburgers, hot dogs, brats, steak and chicken. The kids play games in yard (cornhole, Nerf Guns, water balloons) and the adults play adult games in the house.

Last year at our new house we had about 60 people that showed up throughout the day. Before we had people over last year we had rebuilt our deck. The original deck was 10×15 feet and we enlarged it to 10×30 feet. I try not to go too crazy with decor but this year I wanted to add something to the deck to make it pop when the party goes long.

A few days ago the boys and I went to Lowes and got (5) 1/2″ x 10′ long PVC pipes, clamps and some brown paint. Here is how we added them to the deck, painted them and attached to them to the deck.

Attaching them to the deck

Since the poles are ten feet long, we added two straps per post for extra stability; one at the top and one at the bottom. These were pretty straight forward to attach to the posts that my older son Ethan did a lot of the drilling.

How do the lights stay on the Pole?

One of the ways I thought about attaching the lights to the poles was to drill a hole and simply add a screw to the top. After thinking about that I decided not to go that route because I figured that if there was heavy wind the lights would come down. Instead I had some leftover hooks from a previous project for my wife and used those instead.

Painting Step #2

After we put a coat or primer on the poles I spray painted the poled brown to blend in a bit better to the deck (as seen in the picture below)

Time for Poles to go up

Attaching the poles were easy. Simply put one end on the bottom strap, tighten the screws and then tighten the top screws. One of the tips I would say to do, is to attach the lights to the hooks on the pole before you hoist them up int he air. If you do this it will cause you less stress, because then you will have to go back and unscrew the poles, scratching the paint off (as seen in the above picture).

As you can see, the poles are up (minus the brown paint and the deck has been cleaned up since this picture) and looks great. Time to plug them in and get ready for our party on Tuesday.

5 1/2″ x 10′ long PVC pipes $14.89

1 pack of 10 straps $2.89

1 can of primer = $.99

2 cans of Brown Paint = $9


All in all a very simple project that should add some ambiance to the deck for our parties this year.


**Update** I recently took the poles down because the soon warped the heck out of the poles. I’ll be putting up wooden slats next year.

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