12/09/2017 Why are there Cotton Balls in the Windows?

Why are there Cotton Balls in the Windows?

Ants are so annoying. You leave a drop of water in the kitchen and they swarm to it. When we moved into our house two years ago, it was late summer, and the ants were not a problem. The next year, around April when it rains all the time, we woke up and found them everywhere in our kitchen, dining room and living room. We paid for an exterminator to come out and take care of it and cost us a bunch of money.

They would come back occasionally throughout the year, but nothing like April-May. I remember asking the exterminator why ants come into the house. Surprisingly my assumptions were shattered when I found out that instead of food that attracts ants, instead it is water. [Mind blown]. He also told us that we didn’t have to pay top dollar for expensive chemicals to get rid of ants. Instead he gave us some really great tips about getting rid of ants.

The first tip is to try and seal up any cracks around windows and doors where they ants are coming in at. Usually this requires some scraping up of old caulking and putting new caulking down. It actually isn’t that hard to do. The second tip was to get a big bottle of ant killer spray from your home improvement store and spray around the outside of the house. Find the source of where the ants are coming from on the outside will help keep them outside and not inside.

Another trick, which I used recently is to take a 1/2 cup of white sugar and a 1 tbsp of Borax. You take boiling water (1-2 cups, depending on need).

Dissolve the sugar and Borax and place cotton balls in the solution to soak it up.

Then place them in strategic areas of the house where the ants are coming in.

I wouldn’t put the cotton balls in places where you do not have ants. You wouldn’t want the ants to migrate. Kill them fast and not allow them to spread is the best method in my opinion. And the great thing is its kid safe, no chemicals and isn’t harmful around pets. Happy Ant Killing!

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